Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease which causes inflammation in the liver. Hepatitis B is caused by Hepatitis virus (HBV). For some of the people, Hepatitis B became chronic; it means the symptoms last more than 6 months. Due to long lasting symptoms of this virus it may causes risk to the liver and causes certain disease like liver damage i.e liver cancer or liver cirrhosis which causes permanent scar of the liver. Most of the adult those who are suffering from Hepatitis B virus get cured even they have sign and symptoms in severe. But infant and children those who are suffering from HBV have more likely to develop a Chronic Hepatitis B infection. HBV can survive outside at least for 7days still the virus have the ability to cause the infection. A vaccine can prevent from hepatitis infection.
But there is no such cure for the person those who already in the condition. If you are infected then you can only prevent by taking certain precautions for the spreading the virus to the others.
Pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of Hepatitis B is due to interaction of HBV and host immune system, which leads to liver damage, liver cancer or liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma .
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